A La Carte Menu

To Start

Today's Homemade Soup |1.a|7|9| €6.50

with Irish Soda Bread

Superfood Salad (VE)(V)(GF) |12| €10.95

Tender stem Broccoli ,Red Onion, Tomatoes, Avocado, Roast Beetroot, Baby Spinach, Black rice, Mixed Seeds, Lemon Herb Dressing Add Grilled Chicken - €4.00, add Prawns Pil Pil - €5.00

Classic Caesar Salad |1.a|3|4|7|10| €9.95

Cos lettuce, Croutons, Pancetta Bacon, Soft Boiled Hen Egg, Caesar Dressing, Parmesan Cheese Add Grilled Chicken - €4.00, add Prawns Pil Pil - €5.00

Chilled Irish Crab Meat |1.a|3|10| €12.95

Toasted Sourdough Bread, Lettuce, Avocado, Compressed Cucumber, Fennel, Radishes Salad Lyonnaise |1.a|7| €9.95 Frisee Lettuce, Bacon, Shallots, Cucumber, Avocado, Fried Poached Eggs Add Grilled Chicken - €4.00, add Prawns Pil Pil - €5.00


House Classic Club |1.a|3|10| €13.95

Organic Sourdough Bread, Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Egg Mayo, Fries

Gourmet Cheese Toastie (V)(VE) €10.95

Pickled Onion, Gold River Salad, Fries


Fried Chicken Wings |3|7|10| €13.95

Frank’s Hot Sauce, Blue Cheese Dip, Lime, Cucumber Sticks & Fries

Nachos (V) |7| €12.95

Baked Over Flame Nachos - Chili Beef, Tomato Salsa, Guacamole, Cheese Sauce, Jalapeños, Sour Cream. Available without Chili Beef

Quesadilla (V) |1.a|3|10| €13.95

Smoked Chicken, Gouda Cheese, Jalapeños, Sour Cream, Salsa, Guacamole, Fries. Available without Chicken

Prawns Pil Pil |1.a|7| €10.95

Lemon, Garlic, Chilies, Parsley, Sourdough Bread

Fire Oven Pizzas

12” Margherita (V) |1.a|6|7| €14.95

12” Pepperoni |1.a|6|7| €15.95

Build your own pizza |1.a|6|7| €16.95

Choose three toppings from the below BBQ Chicken, Jalapeños Peppers, Pepperoni, Bacon, Pineapple, Ham, Sweetcorn, Sundried Tomatoes

HH Bar - Grill & Rotisserie

Seared Chicken|7|€16.95

Reared Irish Chicken Supreme, Gratin Potatoes, Wilted Spinach, Roast Parsnip, Roasted Chicken Jus

Fish & Chips |1.a|3|4|7|10| €16.95

Atlantic Cod Fillet, Tempura Batter - Twice Cooked Truffle Chips, Creamy Peas, Capers, Mustard Chutney

House Sliders |1.a|3|7| €16.95

Irish Hereford Beef or Farm Chicken Piri Piri Sliders - Brioche Bun, Smoked Cheese, Chipotle Relish, Slaw, Fries

Clam & Prawn Linguini |1.a| €18.95

White Wine, Shallots, Chilies, Baby Spinach, Vine Cherry Tomatoes, Parsley

Sea Bass |7| €20.95

Pan Seared Sea bass, Pomme Puree, Asparagus Velouté, Petit Pois A’la Françoise, Garlic Cream

FXB Aged Hereford Steaks |1.a|7| 8

oz Sirloin €23.95

8oz Fillet €29.95

Served with your choice of: Fried Onion Rings or Mushroom, Creamy Black Pepper Corn Sauce or Garlic Butter and Fries Tikka Massala (V)(VE)(GF) €14.95 Red Pepper, Broccoli, Chickpeas, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Coconut Cream, Toasted Almonds, Wild Rice, Pitta Bread

Sides - €4.95

Rocket Salad, Parmesan Cheese |3|7|10|

Sauté Fine Green Beans, Shallots |7|

Tender Stem Broccoli, Almonds |7|

Stealth Skinny Fries, Rosemary Salt,

Aioli |3|7|10|

Sweet Potato Fries, Sweet Chili Mayo, Parmesan

Cheese |3|7|10|

Mash Potatoes |7|


All Desserts - €6.95

Chocolate Mousse |1.a|3|7|8.b|

Raspberry Sorbet, Mascarpone Chantilly

Crème Brûlée |1.a|3|7|

Classic Crème Brûlée with Bourbon Vanilla & Blackberry

Marscapone & Passionfruit Cheesecake |1.a|3|7|8.a|8.b|

Honeycomb, Vanilla Ice Cream

Profiteroles |1.a|3|7|

Dark Chocolate Sauce, Toasted Almonds

Tapioca & Rhubarb Pudding (VE) |1.a|8.a|

Coconut Cream, Lemon Verbena Infusion, Cavotte Biscuits

Selection of Movenpick Ice Cream |3|7|8.a|8.b|

Fruit Syrup & Biscotti Chocolate

Allergens 1.Cereals Containing Gluten: a)Wheat, b)Rye, c)Barley, d)Oats, e)Spelt | 2.Crustaceans:a) Crab, b)Lobster, c)Shrimps, d)Cray Fish, e)Krill |3.Eggs|4.Fish|5.Peanuts| 6.Soybeans| 7.Milk|8.Nuts:a)Almonds,b)Hazelnut, c)Walnut, d)Cashews, e)Pecan, f)Brazil Nuts, g)Pistachio, h)Macadamia, I)Queensland |9.Celery: Celeriac |10.Mustard |11.Sesame Seeds |12.Sulphur dioxide and Sulphite |13.Lupin |14.Molluscus:a)Clams, b)Oysters, c)Mussels, d)Snails, e)Octopus, f)Squid V- Vegetarian VE- Vegan GF - Gluten free